Post-Coital Urinations & Other Freaky Shit.

You've Been Warned . . .


Doubt and Other Bullshit

Every so often I run into a brick-wall when it pertains to my writing:  writer’s block, skills, dedication, style, et cetera.  This brick-wall is made completely out of doubt, not just the “self” brand of doubt, but universal doubt about everything I do and all the things that make me, well, me.  A lot of this doubting stems from my never-ending struggle with depression, but it all coagulates and…

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I really need to post more stuff here … and more often.  I really wanna, I swear.

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Copyright Infringement: A Warning to all Authors

Copyright Infringement: A Warning to all Authors


I’m on this site. Smells fishy. Not a fan.

Originally posted on blindoggbooks:

I would like to share a letter sent to me by a fellow independent author, who wishes to remain anonymous, about a website claiming to be promoting independent authors, when in reality it appears that they are offering free downloads of the work of dozens of us.

If you are an author, independent or…

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Another Accepted Story

I am tickled fancy that one of my newest short stories, Alchemy of Faith, has been accepted for publication in James Ward Kirk Fiction’s “The Grays” anthology to be released sometime later this year.

Being as I was so busy with my short story collection, screenplay, and novelette, I have been unable to submit much of anything so far this year.  Feels good to change that trend.

The Grays Cover…

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And The Winner Is … ?

I just wrapped up my first ever win a copy of my short story collection.  And the winner is .

And The Winner Is … ?

I just wrapped up my first ever win a copy of my short story collection.  And the winner is .

Purgatory Behind These Eyes

Purgatory Behind These Eyes

If you haven’t already heard, my first published short story collection, Purgatory Behind These Eyes, is now available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. From what I’ve heard, people are pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down… if you smell what I’m cookin’.  Seven 5-Star reviews so far!

Anyways, buy it. You’ll like it. And you’ll start begging me to write more. If for any reason, grab a…

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A Different Kind of Slumber

A Different Kind of Slumber

I recently finished my first novelette, “A Different Kind of Slumber.”  For those unsure what a novelette is, it is a work of fiction of 7,500 to 17,500 words in length.  This bad boy caps at just over 15,000 words.  I am probably going to self publish it as an ebook, but I am hoping to get it illustrated; just feels like on of those types of stories that needs art to accompany it.

Anyways, ADKoS…

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Haunting Memories: A True Story

Haunting Memories: A True Story

What you have before you is a true tale of the unexpected and the bewildering, an account that, over the years, I have never truly forgotten … my first experience with something well beyond the reach of rational explanation. My incidents have always been in the back of my mind, stewing and churning. I purposely call them my incidents because of the profound and personal effect they had left…

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My First Ever Interview About My Writing

My First Ever Interview About My Writing

Back in September of 2013, Mike Zimmerman was kind enough to ask me for an interview for  Being that no one has ever asked me for an interview, I jumped at the chance.  Click the link below to check it out!

My First Interview

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7 Questions with Doug Rinaldi

7 Questions with Doug Rinaldi

Here is an interview I did in February of this year for Julianne Snow’s blog, The Flipside of Julianne.  Thanks again to Ms. Snow for all her help in this genre!

7 Questions with Doug Rinaldi.

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Honesty & Openness

(This is another oldie that I wanted to revisit and resurrect)

Something occurred to me recently as I was relieving myself prior to my daily shower … looking down at my little buddy, I realized that I’ve probably never truly satisfied a woman.  I’m talking completely.  Yeah, I got me some moves, but listen, the equipment isn’t what you’d call state of the art.  It’s like being a master at…

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Bandwagon Patriotism

(This is from my old, back in the day blog, but I still find the message relevant)

Just like with sports fandom, I think I may be missing the hometown pride gene, though I feel it goes deeper than that.

I have nothing against Boston at all.  Shit, I’ve been here fifteen years already.  I am just already sick as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks of this false and forced emotion from everyone because of…

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Thy Scars

Probably my favorite lyrics that I’ve ever written.

I never asked to be your savior
I never wished for anything more
Than to find my redemption
To reclaim my soul
And end this inner war
But in my daze I relinquished control
You bent my will and I succumbed to your call
Crawling forth with broken heart as if only a tool
I once again erased the line
Again I played the fool

In vibrant celebration as…

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Fragments of Hereafter

January 2001 – The scientifically explainable presence of microscopic, detailed images of people were found in the irises of both eyes of the painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

January 2001 – On an expedition in Washington state, sponsored by The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), researchers discovered what they believe is solid evidence for the existence of Bigfoot: the impression…

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Back in 2007, I got a freelance job writing for the TAPS Paramagazine.  If you are not familiar with the publication, it is a magazine dedicated to the paranormal, ghost hunting, and The Atlantic Paranormal Society.  Yup, those guys from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters.  Along with writing a monthly column for the magazine, I also did events and conventions as the merchandise flunky, selling mags and…

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